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Our Pearls

All our cats are special, but some are a little more special and so need a little more from us. Maybe they are unadoptable because of character incompatibilities, have health conditions which make them undesirable to adopt, or maybe they have just been with us for so long without ever being lucky enough to have been adopted, that the now call Aldea Felina home.

Whatever the reason, we present to you here our special "Pearls". Our volunteers know them well, do their best to make them feel at home and care for them on a daily basis. But this is not enough. Many of these cats need special food or  medication, and on a long term basis, these costs really mount up. So we are asking you to help.

Would you like to sponsor one of our Pearls, supporting their monthy expenses? Maybe you cannot have a cat of your own, so by sponsoring one of our cats, you will be sharing with us some responsibilty for the cat.

Take a look below, read about which cat you feel the need to help and contact us at this email address to find out more. Your monthly donation will make a big difference. We welcome you as a "Friend of Aldea Felina". Email: