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We have many kittens waiting for a forever home

We have many cats and kittens patiently waiting to be adopted by a loving family. Our work rescuing cats in need always means we have a full shelter. Even though they are better with us than left abandoned, we try our hardest to rehome them, giving them a good life where they can enjoy being a part of the family. Thus enabling us to help the next little soul.

If you are looking to adopt, please visit our adoption page and contact us to make an appointment.  

Right now, to get us through the summer season, we are looking for people who can care on a short term basis for kittens. We need foster homes urgently. Once we know the kittens are healthy and can be vaccinated we can advertise them for adoption. Until then, it is our job to give them a good start in life.

If you can offer a spare room and some time, to help the kittens of the season, then please contact us using this form:

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