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Important adoption information

Should you wish to adopt a cat from Aldea Felina, we welcome you to visit our shelter and get to know our feline residents. We have currently more than 110 cats and kittens waiting for homes. Many of them have been cruelly abandoned in the street, unable to fend for themselves. After being rescued and recuperated, sometimes after having an accident or becoming ill, they are now waiting patiently for a new chance to become part of a loving family.

To give you the time and information you need to bond with the right cat(s), we prefer to make an appointment with you. Please contact us here:

We are also open on Sunday mornings between 10:00 and 12:00. Please note it may be necessary to wait before we can assist you if we are busy.

All our cats are given regular parasite treatments and vaccinations. Cats over 6 months old are castrated. For those adopted under 6 months of age, we provide you with a voucher to visit one of our supporting clinics and make an appointment when the kitten reaches 6 months, to do the operation. This helps us to ensure the castration is done. We insist upon castration, even when a cat lives in an apartment without contact to cats of the opposite sex as there are medical benefits to consider. Please help us reduce the number of unwanted cats suffering on the streets by castrating your cats at six months of age.

Not living nearby?
If you do not live locally and wish to adopt a cat from Aldea Felina, we can help you arrange all paperwork needed to complete the adoption and transport your cat safely to you. Please talk to us about this when you visit.

The adoption

We ask for a donation to complete the adoption. This is a part of the funding we need to help us run the shelter.

To contribute towards the costs of caring for our cats, we ask for a minimum donation of 85 €. This includes all the above as well as all food, toys, bedding, litter and treats while living in Aldea Felina.

Our preferred method of adoption:

For the price of 130 € we will also microchip your cat and issue an EU passport. It is the best way to ensure your cat can be returned to you in case he/she goes missing and means you are pre-prepared in case of needing to travel.

While choosing your new cat, you will be given all the relevant character and health information. During the adoption process, you will receive an adoption form with castration, vaccination and health information. You should bring a cat transport box with you to take your cat safely home. We do not allow our cats to leave the shelter without being transport safely.